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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  September 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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they will be in court this friday. that's the latest from here. back to you in the studio. steve: thank you, linda. a big show of mercy from pope francis, allowing priests to forgive women what the vatican call the sin of abortion. dari: until now, it could only be extended by select members of the clergy. as liz dahlem explains, the shift is the pope's latest effort to make the church more inclusive. inclusive. >> reporter: priests will now have the right to forgive the sin of abortion during the holy year of mercy. anyone who procured an abortion from the woman getting one to the doctor could be excommunicated from the church. now getting forgiveness will be a little easier, says dr. terrance tilly, professor of catholic theology at fordham university. >> this pope is recognizing abortion is a terrible decision and he is trying to reconcile
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them with the church as quickly as possible and to invite them to come back in. >> previously only a bishop was allowed to deliver such forgiveness. in a letter punished by the vatican, the pope said that would change, writing, quote, the forgiveness of god cannot be denied to one who has repented. catholics outside of st. patrick's had this to say about the new rule. >> i love it. i think it was time. because so many people have left the catholic church. >> everybody is free to do what them. >> this is not the first issue he has taken on in an effort to bring people to church. last month he said couples who have divorced and remarried will always belong. earlier this year, he said the church could tolerate some forms of same-sex unions. bottom line, the pope wants to make the church more inclusive. >> francis is a pastor, and so what he wants is to bring people into reconciliation where
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they've been opposed to the church. >> reporter: a deputy vatican spokesman said this change will only apply during the holy year, which will start this december and end november 2016. from st. patrick's cathedral, liz dahlem, fox 5 news. dari: pope francis is planning a ride through central park during his visit to new york, the city announcing plans for the pontiff's motorcade to travel through the park before his mass at msg on september 25th. you'll need a ticket to get in line for that route. but it is free, but you need to apply on or calling 311 thursday through monday. winners will be notified september 10th. steve: crews have been building the wooden chair he will use for his mass. carpenters have been putting the finishing touches on the chair which will be light brown with a white back. it will be unveiled tomorrow. pope francis asked for a chair
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that was simple and unadorned. dari: third and fourth graders spent the day planting flowers in preparation for the pope to visit their school. six students from st. ann will meet with him when he comes to the big apple in a few weeks. jessica will have more on the service project at 5:25. steve: another hot day today. dari: the highline was a popular spot for those who didn't want to stay inside with the ac. you know, it's kind of -- it's winding down. nick: enjoy it while it's here. before you know it, things will definitely be changing. not in the next couple of days. we'll stay on the hot side with the heat wave to continue. it is officially a heat wave, even though the map is showing 89 in new york city. these are hourly observations that are taken. in between the hour, sometimes you reach the high temperature. that's what happened in new york. we hit 90 today. that's three days in a row making it a heat wave.
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we've got two more to come. 86 poughkeepsie. 86 sussex. 82 at the shore. a little struggle to get here. we had an east-southeasterly behind today. belmar, 82 and 83 at montauk. water temperature is upper 70s. that held the temperature back a bit. right now 95 in the city. it is down five degrees from the high. 86 poughkeepsie. low 80s to upper 70s across long island. 82 at the jersey shore. back to middle 80s new york northward. dew points are holding in the middle 60s. tomorrow. we'll see the humidity increase. nothing going on tonight. futurecast showing nothing going on. it's going to stay clear for the most part. we may have a few clouds. we'll be looking in pretty good shape. tonight, uncomfortable. we'll drop to 74 in the city. 60s to 70s in the suburbs with side. morning. 80s lunchtime. we should top off at 90 and above. steve: a carjacking turned
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deadly in newark this morning. six suspects carjacked a woman's silver jaguar at gunpoint. three were arrested. a fourth suspect struck by a police vehicle and died at the scene. two other suspects barricaded themselves in a house. police used tear gas to get them out. police believe the suspects went on a robbery and shooting spree before being caught. dari: there's a massive manhunt underway in illinois for three men wanted for killing a police it happened 60 miles an hour north of chicago. the officer was chasing them on with dispatch. his backup found him a short time later with gunshot wounds. the officer has died. police are using dogs and helicopters as they try to track down the suspects. >> family, friends and colleagues said their final goodbyes to a television cameraman killed on live tv last week. funeral services for adam ward was held in roanoke, virginia, at a church a few miles from the
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station where he and wdbj morning reporter alison parker worked. they were gunned down by a former co-worker on the air. >> the deputy mayor in charge of handling the city's homeless crisis is stepping down. steve: as lisa evers shows us, that comes as mayor de blasio rolls out emergency measures to help the homeless. >> reporter: with the homeless crisis reaching a breaking point, the mayor's top deputy will resign at the end of the month. while some new programs are underway, some neighborhoods are just seeing the problem grow worse. this is what we saw along 125th street in harlem, just steps from the metro north station. dozens of men and a few women on the ground or benches with an occasional drug dealer walking hawking his products. residents call it a new skid row. >> it's a shame that nobody is helping the people that need help. it's turning into skid row down here. all these homeless people. don't have nowhere to go and
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nowhere to sleep. and nobody is coming to help. >> reporter: there are unwritten rules on the block. they keep their belongings close to the fence to keep the sidewalk clear and pick up their trash. non-profit homeless outreach organizations are there feeding them daily. along with charitable residents. they say there's not much beyond that. >> we're out heer re not getting service for what a lot of people out here need. >> reporter: some of the men tell us they're veterans and the city could be doing more for them. this advocate agrees. >> personally, i don't think they're doing enough to help the >> reporter: the city partners with non-profits like the jericho project to provide housing and services to more than 550 veterans. the number on the streets is dwindling to what seems like an incredibly low number, according to jericho project's executive director. >> the silver lining in the problem of homelessness in new york city which has been growing is the number of vets living on the streets has been decreased
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by over 90% over the past couple of years by our count, by the city count. there's newer than 20 homeless vets living on the streets. >> reporter: the question on a radio show about the homeless problem, mayor de blasio explained economics as a root cause and homelessness is not a crime. >> there are quality of life problems with some homeless folks. that will be addressed forcefully. doing that. then there's a lot of homeless folks who don't do anything wrong or anything illegal. >> the administration is opening new homeless shelters and providing new rent subsidy programs. they're creating a continuum of services for homeless people with mental health and violent tendencies. critics say it's too little, too late. i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. dari: a prisoner who escaped from police in custody is back in custody. 23-year-old tiffany neumann was caught this morning. authorities say she managed to
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slip out of her handcuffs and walked out of new york presbyterian lower manhattan hospital on sunday while on the run. police say she spent her time at bars and was found with a stolen cell phone. she was arrested on theft charges. escape charges are now pending. the officer who was supposed to be watching her has been suspended. steve: a cooling tower tested positive for the legionella bacteria. it was disinfected twice by an engineering firm. classes at the school will begin as scheduled next week. legionnaires outbreak in the bronx earlier this summer killed 12 and sickened 120. dari: it's 5:09. we have breaking news to tell you about. steve: a car burning on the george washington bridge. joe beerman is over the scene. what do we know? >> outbound upper level george washington bridge mid span, an suv pulling another vehicle just burst into flames. you can see we're here before
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the fire department. there was one brave port authority officer out there with a fire extinguisher. that won't do it. outbound upper level george washington bridge, we'll pull out, you can see all lanes closed with the emergency equipment equipment. fire trucks just arriving. expect delays. back to you. steve: always something. thanks. it was another wild ride on wall street. dari: big drop for the dow. alison morris in the house to talk to us about september's slow start and what it means for the rest of the month. steve: just about the only way to improve ice cream would be to keep it from melting. now scientists say they have found the answer. dari: and an adorable game of peekaboo goes viral. this is a baby gorilla and a little mmmmmm yoplait!
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dari: wall street has been a roller coaster lately. what else can i say? really. steve: still taking us on a ride. we kick off the month of september with a crazy day on the markets. alison morris is here to explain what's going on. this is all to be expected. it's not a linear process one way or the other. >> reporter: welcome to the new normal. things have been crazy. we're getting used to erratic moves on the markets. investors will be spooked when things settle down. check off the mess that started
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off september. the dow closed down 469 points. stocks dropped and got worse in the afternoon. china. that's the obvious one. hang on. i'll explain. we start with china. the markets took a tumble overnight. two sets of numbers about manufacturing and services there are the big issue. they were both weak. that's not easing concerns about the chinese economy. anything? the fed president hinted a rate hike in the u.s. is on the table in september. that was not well received. steve: so we're not going to be too negative. september off to a bad start. what's the outlook going forward? >> reporter: september is typically a bad month. it is. historically on average it's not a great month. black monday was in october of '87. the worst day ever point-wise was september of 2008. the market lost over 778 points.
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september is just a losing month more bad news. we're going into september down six percent for august. shape. it's not looking good. dari: so what in the world should people be looking for? >> reporter: a couple of things. this friday, we'll get august jobs data out. friends? tell them you're expecting 220,000 jobs to be added and unemployment to particular down to 5.20 on friday. that will be a big factor in the interest rate decision. it's meeting the 15th and 16th. jobs meet or beat expectation, a quarter point hike could be fair game. we don't have any answers. china keeps hitting us with bad news. september is a bad month. we don't know if we'll get an interest rate hike. steve: you love lower oil gas prices but it affects so many
5:16 pm
things you don't think of. dari: it's a strange time to get a hike. they should rethink that. >> reporter: half the people say it's not a great time. other people saying the u.s. economic data supports it. you've got oil at 39. it was at nearly 50. you can't get a grasp on what anything is doing. it makes everybody nervous. it's bad. steve: a bunch of nervous nellies for good reason. google switched its logo for a new one. they unveiled it today. it's animated with the image morphing into the new form and the letter g. this is the first major redesign in 16 years. they kept that traditional home page forever. dari: amazon took the streaming video wars to a new level. members of prime can download select shows and movies and you can watch offline and when there's no internet connection. the shows will be available on apple tablets and phones.
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netflix says it has no plans to copy the new development. steve: every site is becoming the same thing. it's morphing together. talk a game changer. ice cream that doesn't melt fast. scientists in england discovered a protein they say stops it from dripping. here's the best pardon. it doesn't affect flavor. it will make it smoother and not have as much fat. don't expect it in stores for another five years. dari: i have to ask is it healthy? is there anything weird about it? is it a gmo thing? i don't know. steve: it's not just a great thing. makes you think about how do they get it to not melt. promising. dari: but you've got to add something. steve: sugar. nick: psychological. dari: don't eat that much and enjoy it when you have it. dari: like today. nick: eat it fast before it melts and get more. yes. it was a day for ice cream. 90 the high. this is day 3 in a row where we hit 90 each day.
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sunday. 76 the low. tomorrow. i think we go 90, 91 tomorrow. we should average 80 for the high and 66 for the low. 97 was the record high in '53. and the lows was in 1872. sunrise 6:23. down at 7:29. just in case you're curious, we're losing two to three minutes of daylight per day. no rain today. none expected anytime soon. a small chance later thursday. 85 now. humidity is moderate. dew point in the mid 60s. wind is calm. a few scattered clouds. steady. nothing on fox 5 sky guardian. temperatures will stay rather warm and cooler in the burbs. 86 for poughkeepsie. we touched 90 in the city.
5:19 pm
upper 80s across long island. we're off the highs with a southeast wind that's played into temperatures at the jersey shore. 82 at belmar. 78 on the east end. middle 80s at bridgeport and 81 monticello. allentown, 89. we are cooler from 24 hours ago. down about three to five degrees across the area. yesterday we were sitting right around that 90-degree mark. wind scattered all over the place, mostly a light south-southeasterly wind. hour. wind becomes southwesterly tomorrow. that's going to boost the temperature a bit and raise the humidity level. not much happening tonight. a couple of thunderstorms down there in delaware into virginia. we have a few clouds that will high pressure will sit here for the next few days. that will bring in the southwesterly airflow. a cold front to the north and west makes the move towards us by late thursday. thundershower. then much more comfortable at the end of the week. 70s out the door. 80s by lunchtime.
5:20 pm
we hit 91 tomorrow afternoon. another sunny day as high virginia. there's the front. it gets closer thursday. shower or thundershower north and west of the city. the front moves through, falls apart and we transition to better weather. few clouds. it's humid overnight and 74 for the low in the city. 60s to the lower 70s out to the suburbs. tomorrow we'll do it again with 90-degree temperatures. the heat wave continues. here into early september. and moderate levels of humidity, a little higher tomorrow. thursday, the hottest day of the week at 92. late in the day in the evening, an isolated shower or storm. but look at friday, saturday, sunday. nick: dari: this is nuts. nick: a great holiday weekend. 60s at night. 88 on tuesday. steve: how psyched is everyone who rented a house this summer, this week, this weekend. not a bad week ever. it was great summer. nick: there you go.
5:21 pm
steve: perfect ending. thanks. dari: not many men would be brave enough to ask mma champ rhonda roussey out on a date. but there's the marines. take a look. >> be an honor to take you to the marine corps ball on december 11th. i hope it doesn't get in the way of training for your fight in january. i hope you take this in consideration because if you do, you will truly be making my dream come true. dari: that's adorable. that's jared and he asked and rousey said she'd love to go but she had a couple of conditions. he has to find her friends dates and he's got to be a gentleman. the video, 4 million views. steve: pays to ask. plenty of monkeying around at a zoo. this gorilla was playing peekaboo with the child. they keep running to the other side. good, clean wholesome fun.
5:22 pm
the zoo said he was raised by humans and older gorillas which could explain why he's friendly with the children. thing. dari: makes you want to jump through the glass and play. >> some catholic school students in east harlem got down and steve: the service project they are tackling in honor of the pope's visit. then this... >> i'm scared for my child. community. dari: wait until you hear this. a long island boy with special needs isn't allowed to go to class with his friends. why the district told his parents okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you've gotta get fios! but why? why fios? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optics networks to the home,
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steve: an east harlem school wants to look its best when the pope comes to school. dari: jessica was there as the students planted flowers. >> 60 mums were planted by the students. this is just one of many community service projects in honor of pope francis. six of the students will meet the holy father when he comes to new york city in just a few weeks. >> i'm really happy to have all francis. >> reporter: third and fourth grade students of st. anne's
5:26 pm
school got their hands dirty to beautify their community to welcome the pontiff. >> i never planted flowers that looked that pretty. >> when we found out about pope francis coming and how dedicated he is to the community and to the environment, i thought what an honor to be able to meet him, what a perfect project to do. >> reporter: the brain behind this idea? noah rodriguez. >> it was a homework assignment that happened to end up growing all the way to here. >> reporter: on september 25th, pope francis will visit our lady queen of angels in east harlem. six students will meet and chat with him. >> i'm going to tell him about this project and about like the whole school helping me do it. >> reporter: what does he mean to you? >> he means to me like he's like a father to me. >> reporter: and other community service projects the students will be doing are a food drive,
5:27 pm
a pajama drive, going to a senior center to serve food. it's all about giving back like the holy father does. dari: a giant mural honoring pope francis is done. steve: amazing. we've seen it from the get go. dari: it's 225 feet tall and the painting is at the corner of 8th avenue and 34th street. that's a beautiful likeness. it will welcome the pontiff to madison madison square garden. the mural was completed in just over a week. it's expected to be up for six weeks after the pope's visit. steve: a county clerk in kentucky defying the u.s. supreme court. >> under whose authority are you not? >> under god's authority. dari: here's the deal. she's refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses and now has to explain herself to a judge. steve: plus on long island, one couple's fight to get schooling
5:28 pm
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dari: a long island family is feeling abandoned by their school district. steve: fox 5's jodi goldberg explains why a student with special needs was told to find a new school. >> aiden loves telling knock-knock jokes, playing
5:31 pm
outside and spending time with family and friends. he may not do that easily this school year because the 12-year-old has down syndrome and the west hampton beach school district doesn't have a program to accommodate him. >> i'm scared for my child. his whole life is about community. community. >> reporter: aiden graduated sixth grade in june and, like his classmates, is scheduled to attend middle school. it is only k through 6, some parents can elect which district to send their children to. they say they were told by the district their son should go to another school. >> we're open ears to anything they have to say. they won't even have a dialogue. >> reporter: they took their fight to federal court to let a judge determine whether west hampton will be required to educate students like aiden. >> this is not rocket science. this is educating a 12-year-old boy with down syndrome.
5:32 pm
every other district around does it. >> reporter: his younger sister shannon says he's been the king of the class and everyone loves him. >> really important because his friends are there. we just want him to have his friends there. >> reporter: the school district says they're unable to discuss personal matters and can't comment on the case. the family plans on holding a support rally for aiden tomorrow morning outside of the middle school to send a message that they're not giving up. in west hampton, jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: former congressman michael grimm wants a judge to delay the start of his prison sentence for medical reason. he was scheduled to begin serving the eight month sentence next week for filing a false tax return. a judge is considering a request to meet the date to september 22nd so grimm can have minor surgery which was not disclosed. >> the former director of the jared foundation created by jared fogle is expected to plead guilty to child pornography charges. russell taylor was arrested
5:33 pm
earlier this year. his arrest led to charges against fogle, who is expected to plead guilty to child porn charges in november and faces up to 12-1/2 years in prison. steve: a small town clerk in kentucky fighting back against legalization of gay marriage. dari: the clerk is refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses and says god is on her side. fox 5's mac king joining us with more details. >> reporter: this is national news and potentially precedent setting. this is not happening in d.c. or the capital of kentucky. there are only 23,000 people in this entire county and fewer than 7,000 in the small town where the protest took place. >> under whose authority are you not issuing licenses? >> under god's authority. >> kim davis spent most of tuesday behind closed blinds. >> she has a right to her beliefs. we're talking about the law. >> david moore and his partner applied for a license four times after the supreme court ruled gay marriage legal in june. davis rejected all of those
5:34 pm
applications and filed a federal suit on the grounds her religion excused her from issuing marriages to same-sex couples. tuesday, a stay issued after rulings against her by district and circuit courts expired. legally forcing her to issue >> it isn't about belief. i have beliefs. i would never impose mine on somebody else's right. >> moore and others demanded she be arrested after she refused to couples. >> sparks declined. >> it's being heard by the federal court. they'll make the decision on what to do next. >> reporter: others praised davis for sticking up for her beliefs. >> god's law precedes man's law. we can't do that. christianity is not something that we do. it's who we are. >> reporter: in a county courthouse in a small kentucky town, one employee sat in her office in defiance of the law of
5:35 pm
the land. they are ordered to appear at a special hearing. she risks fines or jail time. many seem to think she deserves both. the harsh truth is kim davis should have been denied the last three marriage licenses she applied for. that refers to her four marriages. it boggles my mind that she can't make a distinction between religious and civil marriage. i stand with kim davis. i'm encouraged and impacted. keep on keeping on, mrs. davis. dari: thank you. looks like supporters of the iran iran nuclear deal will have the votes needed to prevent an override of a veto. president obama needs 34 votes in the senate to make sure that the gop can't block the agreement. it appears that they've got 33 so far. republicans unanimously oppose the deal which lifts economic sanctions in exchange for iran
5:36 pm
curbing the nuclear program. >> a group of veterans opposed to deal gathering outside the manhattan offices of senators kirsten gillibrand and chuck schumer. schumer announced his opposition to the deal while senator gillibrand does support it. steve: a cold case has come back to haunt a former pro wrestling star. dari: the criminal charges filed against super fly snooka. steve: from the early '80s. and a pair of serious football injuries put the safety of student athletes in the spotlight.
5:37 pm
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steve: his moves made him a legend with wrestling fans. now he's charged with murder. prosecutors in pennsylvania say he killed his mistress back in 1983. authorities found her in a hotel room where the two had been staying. he is now 72 years old. he was arrested today. he's being held on $100,000 bail. dari: police have been called in to investigate the injuries of two football players who collapsed in california. steve: dan bowens joins us to explain why the nature of their injuries is to troubling. >> these are two young stars on a junior varsity team outside of sacramento. they collapsed after a big game friday night. deputies are reviewing game footage and looking into the possibility prescription drug
5:40 pm
use played a role. investigators in northern california taking a closer look at what caused two young football players to be hospitalized with serious head injuries after a junior varsity game at the start of the season. >> we're after the truth and the safety and security of our kids. >> reporter: the sophomores helped lead their team to victory friday night. something wrong. they collapsed and were rushed to hospitals. in a statement, brown's family writing he suffered a high impact blow to the head that caused a subdural bleed. >> there's some evidence that a developing brain responds to concussion, is more vulnerable to concussion than an adult brain. there's been a lot of push for timely identification of concussions. >> reporter: officials are looking into rumors the boys took attention deficit disorder
5:41 pm
drug adderall to enhance their play. >> they're all on the table. the rumor was adderall. that's the primary focus. >> another student has been arrested for selling the sthrant stimulant. detectives haven't said if there's a link. schwartz is at home. brown is in critical condition after having emergency brain surgery. dari: awful. thank you. a father and son duo crossed the finish line at orchard beach after completing a cross-country charity run they started in seattle two months ago. sean evans pushed his nine-year-old son across 15 states in that, a mobile running stroller. it's called the freedom chair. shamus was born with cerebral palsy and given the chair by ainsley's angels, the organization that he and his dad are supporting. >> it's almost bittersweet.
5:42 pm
it's been such a fun journey. we've had such a great time. it's been such a rewarding experience as we donated the theirs to families. >> fox 5 health news is next. we're talking about marijuana use at college campuses. steve: why some students don't even think twice about lighting up a joint. and this... >> reporter: what are you doing? >> announcer: jen is at it again. she's a busy bee. an all new jen at oh, stay on that one. [changes channel] sometimes it's hard to catch all your favorite shows. you're killing me, dad. give me that, please. with time warner cable's enhanced dvr, you can. record up to 6 shows at the same time. plus, you can record in one room and watch in another. p so you can enjoy tv on your schedule. welcome to the future. yes, welcome. get over 200 hd channels, internet, and unlimited calling
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high fructose corn syrup. dari: fox 5 health news. with new jersey's tough new child car seat law going into effect today, a new study finds nearly half of the seats currently on the market, well, they don't even fit right. steve: joining us, fox's dr. manny alvarez. that's something parents don't want to hear. you spend a lot of money on it. we have to get a one new. >> car seats, 2015 models, seats have changed. there's new regulations in cars for adult safety. somebody forget to tell the regulators to come up with better pairing for a children's seat. if you look at the statistics that just came out now, 47 percent of kids seats don't fit properly. especially when you try to put them in the rear mode because the headrest has changed, if you
5:46 pm
see the new cars. the headrest is forward. this is creating a lot of problems. parents are propping the seat from underneath. it's unstable locks. you'll have to play with the car seats before you buy one. they are expensive and you need them. it's the law. dari: to make sure it fits. >> you have to make sure it fits. steve: this is a big news headline in the medical world. marijuana use on campus is the highest it's been in 35 years. researchers say one year we had increase is more and more college students think pot is harmless. coinciding with this, cigarette use is down. >> we're at a 35-year high, get it? 35-year high. dari: manny did standup once in his life. >> six percent of all students smoke pot. dari: should we be surprised.
5:47 pm
it's great news less are smoking cigarettes. >> and if you look at elicit drugs like lsd or synthetic marijuana in college campuses or heroin, those things have gone down dramatically. pot is high. i will predict it will continue to be high in the sense that there's a lot of new rules of states like colorado, washington, they have legalized pot. there's a lot of confusion among young adults. they don't see it as a dangerous drug. we talk in medicine about the medicinal purposes of marijuana. unfortunately the rules are allowing kids to use marijuana more. it's very inexpensive as compared to in the '70s when i was growing up, you know. so these are the things that we have to be careful. the good news is in the third and fourth year of college, pot use goes down again. people are now more aware --
5:48 pm
steve: just seems smoking cigarettes clearly not school on campus. >> it's not that it isn't cool. you can't. steve: those laws are working. >> and they know it's more harmful than pot. this is why. i hope they just stick to pot and be careful with that. steve: good deal. that's honest advice. dari: well, you're highly pragmatic. >> you have to be. you have to be. dari: we were saying last night you've got to tell your nine-year-olds about alcohol. you have to warn them. >> there was a study published looking at once they turn 21, alcohol consumption goes up. pot goes down. now they're legal, they can go have a drink and cocktail. dari: wow. the man over there who has a college student, see all the things you have to be worried about? you've got two more. steve: not his. they're lovely. nights. so far everything is under control.
5:49 pm
so far. i've got two more coming up the line. it will be a long battle. listen, we have temperatures today that were back up at the 90-degree mark. we are making it a heat wave. 90 in the city officially, showing 89 here. this is the hourly observation in midtown. in between one of those hours, we snuck in the 90. changes will come after thursday. look at boston. 79. why? wind off the ocean, off the bay, out of the east. kept them cooler. look down south at washington, d.c. 95 there. 94 philly. we had that slight east-southeast wind for a bit. if that didn't happen, we would likely have seen low 90s today as well. that wind becomes more southwesterly tomorrow and thursday. i think the temperature does go up a bit by thursday. that could be the hottest day of the week. it was in the 80s in buffalo. nothing on fox 5 sky guardian. just a few clouds in the sky tonight.
5:50 pm
let's look at the current temperatures. they're pretty warm. middle 80s around town. it's middle 80s at poughkeepsie and sussex. 81 at monticello and the jersey shore and islip while we have upper 70s from montauk. wind light out of the south at 5, 10 miles an hour. we'll see the south wind continue tonight. tomorrow the wind will become more southwesterly. temperature goes up. i think the humidity goes up with that southwesterly wind. still some showers and storms scattered in parts of florida, coming across much of louisiana. our weather has protected us. high pressure sits there. we'll have the southwesterly flow continue that will happen tomorrow and on thursday. now, what you can't see hiding up here in southern canada is a cool front. it will be dropping down and that will be our next weather maker. that's late thursday, thursday night, this because of an isolated shower in the evening. i think most of the area is not going to see much at all. then we'll have the more comfortable weather at the end of the week. we push 90 tomorrow despite what
5:51 pm
you're seeing at 88 on this map. 92 in chicago. it's 90s down to texas and along the gulf coast. pretty typical. triple digit heat in the desert southwest. 92 denver. 70s for the west coast. we have nothing to show you. our futurecast isn't showing anything. there's nothing to worry about. it will stay clear and sunny tomorrow. thursday, we'll see more clouds come in. that will be the risk of scattered showers later in the day. uvi a 7 tomorrow. a pretty good beach day. 74 in the city. 60s to 70s in the burbs. tomorrow, 90 or 91. still humid with a sunny sky. sun and clouds thursday. 92. a couple of mid 90s in the area depending on the wind and maybe that evening thunderstorm. look at friday and beyond. it's nice. lower 80s friday, saturday. 60s by saturday morning. 80s sunday. 80s labor day. a good holiday weekend is still in the cards. steve: that's amazing. what a great run of weather. thank you, nick.
5:52 pm
plenty of buzz about this one on the streets. dari: jen lahmers taking on a tough assignment. beekeeping. take a look. [music] >> reporter: what you are doing? i don't want to touch that. beekeeping has only been legal in new york city since 2010. there are a lot of rooftop hives like this all over the city. today we headed to bushwick to meet up with the guy who run most of the hives. you see a lot of bees. there's a bakery below us. tell me what they're doing? >> they're doing what bees have done for 100 million years, gathering nectar and pollen, taking care of their young. making honey. >> reporter: i'm in charge of making sure they're doing their job.
5:53 pm
>> probably 50,000 perfect live -- per hive. >> reporter: walk me through what i need to do. >> we have a lot of fun with this. we are on a rooftop. there are tens of thousands of stinging, venomous insects in each of these boxes. i do take safety carefully. >> reporter: why you got to put it that way? i will be inspecting each hive to make sure it's disease free and the queen bee is healthy and laying eggs. >> once we get in there you'll be fully suited with a veil, gloves, the smoker. we'll go through carefully, calmly. >> reporter: when i open up the hive, there's not going to be like a thousand bees flying at my face? >> no. many, many more than that. >> reporter: real life right now. game time. i'm not ready for this at all. >> you have the cliff behind you you. >> reporter: this does not look like honey, dude.
5:54 pm
>> it's hard to inspect from back here. here we go. >> i am fully protected. >> you are fully licensed and yes. >> oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god. >> reporter: okay. >> nice and calm. >> reporter: nice and calm. andrew helped me lift the frames to get a better look. >> oh, my god. okay, okay, okay. there's so many of them. >> bees are almost all workers, meaning females. the women do all the work in the hives. there's a drone in the -- >> reporter: the queen is larger than the worker bees and upon closer inspection than i'm in healthy. fertile. out?
5:55 pm
>> we would take the honey frames. this isn't a honey frame. we'd put it in a centrifuge and spin it. >> reporter: these hard-working bees produce hundreds of pounds of honey per hive per year which gets sold all over the city including at the farmers market in union square. this is a less frightening experience than i thought it would be. i am impressed by how calm these bees are when they're working. they really just don't care that we're around. i am not at all offended. what would you grade me? >> considering all aspects of today, i'd have to give you a b. >> reporter: you know what? i think that's pretty sweet. get it? thank you. it was nice to meet you. >> reporter: at work putting the bee in brooklyn, jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news.
5:56 pm
dari: that's fascinating. i like bees. all right. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. thank you very much. we are on top of the news for you. and tonight isis continues to destroy sacred sites across its territory. we'll look at what they gain and how it affects the rest of the world with a live guest coming up. then a piece of new york history. studio 54 in all its forms. a look at now and then. it's all next for you at so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!"
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ernie: it is tuesday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. we're on top of the news for you tonight and talking about it. we begin with isis. their campaign of terror doesn't just involve killing people. it includes a campaign of wiping out as much of syria's rich


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